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Ready to empower yourself, find food freedom and heal from the inside out? I'm so glad you're here!!!  Let's connect and discuss your goals, struggles, and desires. Together, we'll explore if we're a good fit for your journey.


Or, book a free discovery call with me!

*For serious inquires only*

If you're serious about working together one on one, please feel free to schedule a discover call so we can connect and make sure we're a good fit. I look forwardr to connecting. (Please ensure you have Whatsapp downloaded as that's where I will be calling you from!

Marisa's Story

From ex bodybuilder struggling with body dysmorphia & binge eating, to Women's Wellness coach helping other women break free

When I first dove head first into the fitness industry over 7+ years ago, I never would have imagined how it would affect my life for the long term (both negatively, and positively)...


From the young age of 19 years old, I started competing in bodybuilding shows and dieting for photoshoots which inevitably led me towards the patterns of disordered eating, struggling with body dysmorphia, engaging in binge patterns and being obsessed with weight loss or being the tiniest version of myself.

Luckily, somewhere along the way, I realized I no longer wanted to live my life like this. I spent 5+ years in these cycles, sabotaging my health and deteriorating my self worth and confidence. 

It took some time, but I eventually dedicated myself to healing, repairing my relationship with food and my body, and ultimately rediscovering my true self so I can live a meaningful, purpose led life I LOVE. I saw how many women struggle with the same patterns and now am extremely passionate about helping them rewrite their own stories.

Now, I help women stuck in similar patterns do the same - to break free from diet culture shackles, regain their self confidence, learn to love yourself again and to enjoy your nourishment, movement & daily routines.

I was so unhappy for so long, living as a shell of myself, and I never want another woman to experience that. You deserve to fully thrive, not just barely survive. Here, we heal, grow and transform together - Strong Women Grow Here!

- Marisa xo             Visit me on Instagram

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