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For the woman ready to dive into her healing, empowerment & nourishment journey at her own pace. This self guided course offers specific guidance around how to begin your nourishment, body image healing and self confidence building journey. Perfect for the woman looking for community and support in her transformation. Are you stuck in repeating negative and toxic cycles concerning your food 🍽️, body 🧘, and mindset 🧠 due to certain narratives and stories? This stops TODAY! In the Fed Girl online course, we delve into the origins of these narratives, exploring when they began, and collectively work on rewriting our life scripts to reclaim our power 💪! Not only will you uncover the secrets to food freedom 🍽️ and eliminate any stress 😰, guilt, or fear surrounding your favorite foods or food in general, but you’ll also master the art of nourishing your body 🧘, crafting balanced meals 🥗, prioritizing foods for healing your metabolism 🔥, hormones, and gut health 🌿, and falling in LOVE ❤️ with your nourishment routines… Within the course, I guide you through 8 video modules 🎥, each week focusing on a new topic, progressively leading you towards an empowered lifestyle 💪, one step at a time. Dive into interactive activities 🎨 and resources 📘 that will streamline your journey! This is your roadmap 🗺️ to healing, self-discovery, and ultimate freedom! Plus, gain exclusive access to our Fed Girl Community on our Whatsapp Women's Group Chat 💬 and other live circles or

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