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Self Guided Nourishment Basics 🌿

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This self guided, self paced online nourishment course is going to drastically change the way you view food, the way you nourish yourself and the way you create meaningful habits in your everyday life. ✨ I created this course for YOU: - learn about what foods make you feel energized & strong - foods to prioritize to heal your metabolism and hormones - learn to create balanced meals, how to nourish consistently, how to let go of food rules - ditch diet culture, free yourself from restrictive mindsets and take back your power with food - heal your relationship your body image and adopt an abundance mindset - create a lifestyle you love and thrive in with a self love attitude WEEK 1: metabolism & what to focus on in your nourishment 🧇 WEEK 2: Importance of nutrients and how to feel confident in your nutrition habits 🎉 WEEK 3: ditching diet culture and healing your relationship with food, your body and your mindset 🧠 WEEK 4: body image healing, movement guidance and making everything a lifestyle ☀️ The course will also include a FREE 30 min Phone Call with me upon completing the course so I can provide additional support and guidance as you move forward. This course is equivalent to working with me one on one for about 4-6 weeks. The course includes all the foundational and important building blocks that I teach and guide my clients through when they first begin with me. It is an amazing place to start if you are looking for guidance in your nourishment journey 🫶🏼

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