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Join our next cohort of women and get ready to experience community, food freedom, body image healing, self confidence and MORE in this signature 3 month group program platform...


- Feeling consumed by thoughts about food, body image, and negative self talk?

- Overwhelming guilt and stress related to food choices?

- Habitual mirror-checking and experimentation with extreme diets?

- Harsh self-criticism and negative internal dialogue?

- Declining invitations and missing out on moments with loved ones due to poor body image?

- Regularly counting calories and meticulously tracking every bite?

- Viewing exercise as a form of punishment or compensation for enjoying food?

 - Feeling afraid to honor cravings and eat without restrictions?


- Complete peace and freedom with food, your body, and exercise?

- Unshakable confidence in nourishing your body in ways that bring you joy?

- Increased confidence in your own skin, feeling entirely at home in your body?

- A positive mindset and uplifting rituals supporting your personal growth?

- More abundance, fun, and flow in your life?

- Quality time with loved ones & being fully present in each moment?

- To trust in your body's wisdom to guide your nourishment, rest, movement, self-care, and healing?

- Total confidence in the person you're becoming and embracing your true self on the inside?


For YEARS I struggled with binge eating, feeling constant guilt around food, terrified to eat enough, using exercise as punishment and terrible body dysmorphia.

I was a prisoner to diet culture thoughts and was consumed 24/7 by a poor relationship with food, my body and exercise - I spent SO much time hating myself, trying to shrink my body and desperately craving to feel at peace in my own heart and body... Then finally I said "Enough if enough, I'm ready to take my LIFE BACK!"

Katelyn G

"I've really been enjoying being able to talk freely about my feelings with women who experience the same struggles. It makes me feel less alone! I've noticed I'm way kinder to myself and my body image has improved so much, this program has been so helpful!"


"I really enjoyed last nights live group meeting. It's always so empowering and inspiring to hear the other women's experiences and stories. I always learn so much and get so much value out of the lives! I've never felt so free in my relationship with food and my body!"

Kayleigh B

"I can honestly say I've never felt so confident in the way I've been nourishing myself and letting myself just be free! I no longer second guess myself in how I'm nourishing my body! This group has taught me so much and I feel like I'm just getting started!"

Register before Jan 20th and save $200

Snag the early bird pricing by registering below - You will also be gifted with an additional bonus coaching call, AND my signature recipe ebook for FREE when you register before Jan 20th!!

Women Holding Hands


There is something so powerful about women coming together and conquering the same struggles. We not only empower each other, but we also become more confident in our own voices and power when we commit to this process of growth, evolution and believing in ourselves again. I promise, you will not find a community like this anywhere else, this is where strong women grow! 


Not only do you have your own course materials to work through at your own pace, but you also get the direct support of myself and the other women in our live group meetings. Each week, we cover a new topic where I can fully teach you the depths of what you need to know to fully thrive and learn the concepts like food freedom, nutrition for hormone and metabolic health, healing your body image, building self confidence and more!

Mother and Child
Marisa Tulum-17.jpg


This program is designed to create an engaging sense of community and help you in REAL TIME. You will have direct access to me and the teachings I provide so that along the way you're able to ask me any questions, get more specific individualized needs tended to and feel confident that you're making the right choices for you and your life! No more second guessing yourself or wondering if you're on the right path, you will have all the guidance you need to THRIVE!




Join me each week for our live meeting where we focus on learning important concepts to thrive in your journey - each module includes different foundational knowledge - including everything you need to know about the foundations of Nutrition, Food Freedom, Movement, Body Image, Mindset, and more. Plus, numerous bonus resources like journalling workshops, live Q&As and real life activities to help you put into action what you're learning to empower you further. 


Enrolling into the Group Program gives you full access to our Women's group chat and the Fed Girl Community - Connection and collective healing is the key! Join our Women's Group Chat on WhatsApp for wins, recipes, and support. Plus - we will be meeting each week for our live learning modules AND I will be inviting guest speakers to teach us further on topics such as gut health, breathwork, self confidence and more. Strong women grow here!


Get ready to love AND understand your nutrition and movement within our group program! You'll receive your own Nutrition PDF covering how to create balanced meals, information about metabolism, grocery shopping, simple recipes and more. Discover exactly how to start nourishing your body! Plus, a Movement Program with workout options, recovery strategies, and finding balance in your active life. Your blueprint for a nourishing routine that ADDS to your lifestyle!


Each week as we dive into the life learning modules, I will provide resources and tangible activities that will encourage reflection and self-discovery, we will have a chance to go deeper into your own journey, share findings and personally coach you on what you need support in most. This is also a very empowering place to share wins, progress and how things are shifting for you. You will move through your own workbook, which can be done all at your pace. The path towards thriving starts HERE!

Are you ready to take this exciting step towards healing and empowerment? Let’s embark on this journey together! 💪


We have so many nuggets of guidance, support and knowledge within the program!



Build the foundations of your food freedom, body image healing and self confidence journey. 12 weeks of empowering guidance, mirroring the support I provide 1:1 clients, coupled with weekly live meetings and video lessons, plus ongoing bonus materials provided.

--- VALUE: $1000+

website 3.jpeg


Includes your own personal workbook to reflect, rewrite narratives and stay accountable. Journalling prompts to guide you in each phase and chapter of your journey, activities to apply your learnings to real life, and your own nutrition & movement programs.

--- VALUE: $700+

IMG_0908 2_edited.jpg


Lifetime access to our private women's community and group chat, with bonus live circles and webinars hosted monthly. Access to exclusive group programs, offers and new course content.

--- VALUE: $200+


We start January 22nd! This 3 month Group Program enrolment is only $333/month, BUT if you sign up BEFORE Jan 20th, you can get $200 OFF and pay only $265/month - don't put your life on hold anymore, you deserve to thrive!


Discover a holistic approach to wellness and nourishment with Hope Wellness. Our program is designed to help you overcome your struggles with food guilt, negative body image, and negative self-talk. We provide personalized attention and support to help you nourish your body and create meals that support your overall well-being.

You want to learn how to nourish your body and create balanced meals you love that energize you.

You want to heal your relationship with food, your body & exercise and enjoy your routines.

You want to improve your mindset and build more self confidence so you can build a life you love.


You want to ditch diets for good and learn how to honour cravings without guilt or fear.

You desire connection with like minded women who are learning the same things.

You want to be more present in your life and enjoy things like holidays, vacations and events

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