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This Self Guided Online Course is going to help you discover nourishment that works for you, guide you in healing your relationship with food and your body image, and free you from diet culture mindsets...

Nutrition That Makes Sense

There is SO much information out there right now about what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat and when to eat. It's confusing as heck, and if you're here, chances are you're tired of playing the guessing game too. 

I know first hand just how frustrating your nourishment journey can be when you first start out with zero guidance or someone to help you along the way. I created this course to teach you exactly HOW to eat for your metabolism and long term health, how to ENJOY what you're doing for nourishment and WHY to prioritize certain things that will make you feel good in a lifestyle you love. It's time to stop hopping from one diet to the next, it's time to take BACK your power and go from barely surviving, to FULLY THRIVING in your lifestyle.


Learn At Your Own Pace

This course is 100% self guided. You can take your time and review the weekly chapters when you find time in your schedule and slowly learn the concepts. OR you can go through the course as quickly as you want. Overall, the course length will depend on you and your current needs and lifestyle! It could take you a few days, or it could take you a few weeks, it is completely up to you on how you want to approach it!

I do recommend implementing practices and habits slowly and one at a time so that you can sustain the new shifts and are able to find what works for you and enjoy the process. The whole point of this course is to give you the foundation and basics to START your nourishment journey. These are all simple and life changing tools that will help propel you towards true health, improved energy, a sense of freedom in your nourishment and to be your strongest self from the inside out.


What the Course Includes...

This self guided, self paced online course includes 4 Weeks / Modules full of informative and detailed concepts that will help you build a strong foundation when you're first starting your nourishment journey and moving away from diets.


This course is the framework of what I teach my one on one clients. While working with SO many women over the last several years, I realized there was a common theme in the concepts I was teaching most of my clients, in terms of what foods to prioritize, how to create balanced meals, how to nourish consistently, how to move away from diet culture mindsets etc. The common misconception was that women should fear carbs, we need to eat less and less to reach goals, and we shouldn't rest or we'll go backwards in our results. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE. As women, we need MORE food, MORE rest, and a mindset that helps nurture our soul and empowers us. I wanted to create this course to help MORE women START their journey. You may find that you need more personal guidance after this course, but it will be a fantastic place to start in building your framework for creating a lifestyle you love and knowing more about how to nourish your body in a way that makes sense for you.

Each week the course goes into detail about a certain area within your journey, it will look a little something like this:

Week 1: Metabolism and Macros

- Learn about metabolism / what your metabolism is

- Metabolism information, how to rebuild and strengthen yours

- Learn about macros, what they are, the importance of each macro

- Nourishment additions, what to start prioritizing in your nourishment as you begin learning

Week 2: Importance of Nutrients

- Healthy Pro-metabolic Grocery list and foods to prioritize

- Info on how to create balanced meals, the importance of balanced meals, how to make meals you love for stable and consistent energy, meal ideas

- The importance of breakfast, breakfast ideas and how to create a balanced breaky

- Practices beyond food, nourishing on a deeper level

- Simple nourishment additions and things to keep in mind when it comes to gut, hormone and metabolic health

Week 3: Ditching Diet Culture

- Ditching diet culture narratives, certain food rules/diet culture mindsets to be aware of and how to eliminate them

- Getting out of the all or nothing mindsets, no longer labelling foods, how to no longer cut carbs or be fearful around food

- Our words have meaning, how to adopt a more neutral and positive approach to our self talk and habits, consistency and small steps in the right direction

- Finding food freedom and moving forward with eating enough, consistency in nourishing

Week 4: Body Image & Movement

- Body image healing and neutrality/positivity practices, shifting your mindset and inner narrative

- Self love and inner healing work

- Practices beyond nutrition (sleep, stress management, room for fun and play etc)

- Creating a lifestyle you love, putting it all to practice


Who Is This Course For?

This course is for EVERYONE. If you are someone who is sick of dieting, tired of being confused about what and how to eat and want to feel really good in your lifestyle for the long term, this course is perfect for you.

If you are someone who just wants to learn a bit more about how to nourish your body and support your metabolism and hormone health, this course is a great place to either START, or help you continue in your journey, no matter what stage you're at!


This course is a really great place to start if you've wanted to work one on one with a nourishment coach (like myself) but can't swing it right now. My goal was to create an affordable program that everyone could enroll in so that even if you can't invest in a coach right now, you can still take your nourishment journey to new heights and start improving your lifestyle!

If you struggle a lot with diet culture, food rules and feeling consumed by food or your body image in a negative way, this course is a great place to not only learn about what your body needs nourishment wise, but will also support you in ditching the diet culture mindsets and finding your food freedom.

Fragile Pampas

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