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Breaking the Chains of Your Self Limiting Beliefs: The Power of Thoughts and Rising Above Self-Doubt

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality - So Let Me Ask You Something: What Kind Of Story Are You Writing For Yourself?

Whether we realize it or not, every thread of thought weaves the fabric of our reality. The patterns, vibrant or dull, are stitched together by the beliefs we hold, the narratives we tell ourselves, and the perceptions we carry. It’s a profound realization, yet one that many of us overlook, that our thoughts hold the chisel that shapes our world. It's often overlooked simply because many of us don't beleive we're in the driver seat of our life. We either feel like the victim, or we've grown so used to playing the victim card that it has become our identity, and now nothing could possibly give us back our power to see that we actually hold all the cards (or at least that's the narratives we keep telling ourselves...).

For the vast majority of us, life’s canvas is painted with brushstrokes of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. How many times have you stopped yourself from trying something new, told yourself 'I won't be good at that, so what's the point', or felt fearful of the unknown in maybe not succeeding in something (or something of those sorts), so you give up trying all together or put so much pressure on yourself that you create the story once again that you're not worthy, or smart enough or 'X Y Z enough' to do it. Conditioned by societal norms and external expectations, we often find ourselves entrapped in a cycle of self-deprecation, never feeling good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or worthy enough to attain our heart's desires. Or we fear judgment from others so much, that we put our own desires on the back burner. This inner turmoil, like a shadow, follows us, whispering tales of unworthiness and casting shadows on our brilliance...

We Are Stuck In A Facade of Chasing External Highs, that never really fill the void.

In a world that thrives on external validations, it’s no surprise that we find comfort in the superficial highs of material possessions and societal praise. The pursuit of ‘stuff’, the relentless chase of recognition from people who don't really matter, and the insatiable need for approval, are all manifestations of a deeper void – a void rooted in the stories we tell ourselves about our unworthiness.

I genuinely feel like as I dive deeper into my own journey towards healing from the inside out, as I practice meditation and go inwards, as I sit longer in stillness and give mhyself the. chance of discovering myself on a deeper level, I can't help but feel the ties I once felt to the external world of filling that void slowly but surely unraveling and beginning to have no real hold on me any longer.

Think about when you were a kid. You tried new things all the time. You didn't care what others thought of you, you didn't care about 'looking silly', you just did what your heart told you and you had fun doing it.

This pursuit we often chase is a double-edged sword. While the external world might momentarily satiate our hunger for validation, it also reinforces the detrimental narrative that our value is contingent upon external affirmation. It reinforces the idea that we cannot feel the emotions and feelings we want to feel (whether it be worthiness, joy, freedom, bliss, confidence and so on), UNTIL said outer experience has happened. This is the moment we have given up our power, we have placed ourselves in the passenger seat and disconnected ourselves from our true essence and inner self love. This cycle, perpetuating a sense of lack and inadequacy, ultimately distances us from our true selves and our intrinsic worth.

Cue the self limiting beliefs that feel familiar, which trigger our 'sense of identity', which lead us back to the familiar known, and ultimately leave us living with the same labels and stories that reaffirm how unworthy we are.

I am writing this blog post to hopefully wake you up to the reality that those are just stories you've grown used to, and at any point you can CHOOSE to rewrite your own story.


You are already whole, you just have to look within for what you're so desperately searching for. You are already love and loved, because the love you seek is actually your own self love that lives within you and always has. You are already capable, because the courage you are afraid you don't have is already within, waiting to be woken up and realized from the deepest parts of you.

As soon as I stopped seeing myself separate to everything I desired, I realized I was part of something so much greater.

For a long time, I stressed about money. I felt like I was never doing enough, like I was never successful enough, and like I needed to make more money in order to really feel happy, free or worthy. However, that always left me feeling stuck, burnt out and disconnected from myself. I overtime realized it wasn't actually about making more money in order to feel worthy or free, I simply had to believe that I was already worthy and free regardless of any external event, for those feelings to be cultivated and for the experiences to begin to find me. As soon as I started to FEEL the emotions ahead of the event, (for example I would feel worthy and wealthy with what I ALREADY HAD in life, and truly embodied those emotions of gratitude) I began to fall deeper in love with my own life and my own self, and realized everything I was truly desiring was already within me, and that's when I stopped playing the victim and miracles began happening in my life. I started to attract ideal clients, and not worry so much about when things would happen, I simply began to trust.

As soon as I stopped thinking I needed an outside relationship to finally feel loved and whole, I realized that what I was really seeking was my own self love. I started to wake up everyday as though I already had the relationship I wanted, as though I was already full of love, as though I was whole. I believed that my own self love for myself and my love was greater than anything an external person or event could ever give me. And guess what? The incessant 'need' to have a relationship dissolved, and because I was so present in my life and living day by day as an already worthy and abundant person, I actually ended up attracting a partner that simply 'added' to my already full bucket of love.

You see, when we force, we are giving up our energy. When we live by the stories of our self limiting believes, when we tear ourselves down, when we live in the victim mentality, we are operating from a place of LACK. Nothing positive, abundant or vibrant can be created when we are sending out signals into the universe that we already think we're not worthy.


How many times have you told yourself a story like: This won't turn out good, something bad is going to happen and I'm not going to enjoy myself - and then all those things came true? Because you just create that self fulfilling prophecy for yourself. You literally signalled those negative thoughts and events to transpire because you were looking for them, you creates the negative experience by thought alone.

Now, you take an example where you tell yourself something like: I'm gonna try my best, and regardless of the outcome I'm going to have fun, learn some things and be proud of myself for doing it. Well now you've set the stage for those abundant, positive and open hearted emotions to fill you, so regardless of the experience, you've walked into it with a totally different perspective, and it's likely you enjoyed yourself more and got WAY more out of the experience because you were READY to enjoy it regardless of the outcome.

I dare you to try it. I dare you to wake up tomorrow, and imagine what it would be like to live from a place of abundance, worthiness and gratitude, as if what you desire has already happened. I dare you to start seeing what you DO have, instead of all the things you don't have. I dare you to start waking up to your own potential and the buried love inside of you that is waiting to be seen and poured all over your life.

So let me ask you again, what is the story you are writing for yourself?

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