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Getting Started in Your Nourishment, Healing & Empowerment Journey: The How, The Why & The Way...

When I first dove head first into the fitness industry over 7+ years ago, I never knew how it would affect my life for the long term...

From the young age of 19 years old, I started competing in bodybuilding shows which inevitably led me towards the patterns of disordered eating, struggling with body dysmorphia, engaging in binge patterns and being obsessed with weight loss or being the tiniest version of myself.

Now, unfortunately these days, you don't have to have a history with the bodybuilding world to have struggled or to be struggling with these areas.

🌈🌟 (pssst, I have a free Masterclass full of learning resources and support for you here, this is where you can get started!)🌟

In fact, majority of women I work with, speak to and connect with struggle with at least one of the following habits, patterns or mindsets:

- restricting food (skipping meals, not eating breakfast, cutting out carbs, limiting the times that they eat in the day)

- body checking (constantly looking at your body in the mirror, pinching skin, weighing yourself or fearing your body changing every moment of the day)

- using exercise as punishment or as a way to burn calories or to make up for food they ate or are about to eat.

- being afraid to rest or take days off from training

- labelling foods as good or bad, or putting certain foods off limits (associating certain foods with weight *gain* or weight *loss* and eating certain things/avoiding certain things based on how they think it will make their body look)

- speaking poorly or negatively of ones self based on her physical appearance

Actually, the list goes on and I could name a several other similar behaviours I see and hear of often, heck this list was ME for majority of my early-mid 20s, and this is why I speak to these topics because I know just how detrimental these mindsets and patterns can be.

Unfortunately, many of us have adopted the conditionings and programmings since we were young that in order to feel happy, beautiful and worthy we need to be our smallest self and be in complete 'control' over everything we eat, how we exercise and how we look. We need to be small, not take up space, be polite and not too loud, and fit into all the boxes that were told to fit into...

These are only a FEW of the unrealistic standards placed on us by society - and it keeps us stuck, insecure and distracted from actually living our lives, from making an impact in our lives and the lives of others, and from truly living our lives in a meaningful way.

Trust me, you were placed on this earth for SO much more than to just obsess about your body and be mean to yourself. This work is SO meaningful and will give you your life back to realize you hold the power to shift the narratives within, to fully thrive.

You were not born hating your body.

This type of relearning, reprogramming and breaking free from the shackles that diet culture has had a hold on us for so long - is the exact work I am so passionate about helping other women work through and over time completely empower themselves with.

To help you in get started in this type of work (everything from nourishment, healing our self talk, finding balance and creating a life we love), and to understand more about how you can take your life back - I have created a FREE resource for you, these teachings will help you shift and open your eyes to what you need to break free from and how you can shift your mindset around all things food, your body and your self confidence.

Access it below, and reach out with any questions or thoughts around the areas - this is YOUR time to heal, take back your power and ultimately THRIVE in your life, let's do this together!

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