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Is Tulum Worth Visiting? Solo Travel and Exploring Tulum, Mexico as a Digital Nomad:

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

I first travelled to Tulum, Mexico in June 2022. I had never really heard about this small beach town until one of my really good friends had gone there by herself about 8 months before I had gone (she was the reason I went in the first place, but I'll get to that part soon). She went to host a retreat and to just literally spend time in Mexico and relax.

**PS: I have created a very special guidebook for you, to discover all tulum has to offer, how to find the more local spots and hidden gems and hot to have the BEST TIME EVER there if you ever visit.**

Anytime she would describe it, it sounded magical! Laid back, Carribbean beach vibes where lots of digital nomads and expats were visiting. After her travels there, I met up with her in a coffee shop here in Victoria BC to see her, it had been months of her travelling around Central America and I couldn't wait to hear about all she had experienced!

Spoiler alert; my life changed that day in that coffee shop. After she told me all about her time there in Tulum, I got this indescribable feeling in my heart that said "If she can do it, so can I", and I think I joked to her being like "I'm gonna come visit you there next time you go!"

And just like that, the seed was planted, I was looking at flights, and without a real plan, I just had decided I was gonna book my flight out there and stay with her (because she was planning on going back), and I just did it! I wasn't planning on travelling anywhere at that point in my life, but the more I thought about it I was like "Why the heck not!" And I reflected on the fact that I basically built my business on the dreams of just being able to travel and work from anywhere, so here I was, living my dreams!

A couple months passed, and she ending up coming home early, so it dawned on me that she wasn't going to be there in Tulum when I went, but that literally didn't mean anything to me (back then, it would've probably scared me a bit, to be travelling to mexico alone, where I had NEVER been, but I just knew in my heart and soul this is where I was meant to be going and this is what I needed to do!), so I figured out a living situation there, found an airbnb and began to plan for my trip!

I first arrived mid June 2022 and spent almost a whole month there. I spent time meeting people from all over, visiting cenotes, exploring the town and most importantly (which was the purpose of the trip to begin with), spent a lot of time with myself (going out for solo dinners or just exploring with me myself and I), and I felt like I got to know myself SO much more and was able to step outside of my comfort zone in such amazing new ways (truly, solo travel is SO amazing for learning more about yourself and becoming more confident!)

After that small visit, I was HOOKED. I got back to BC that summer, and all I could think about was Tulum, there was just something inside of me that kept saying "you need to go back". It didnt make sense, but it didnt need to, all I knew was that I needed to listen to my intuition, and so I booked a trip to go back only 3 months after being home to return to Tulum for 6 months this time (the longest I had ever gone ANYWHERE, omggggg!)

It was so nerve wracking and a bit scary, but it was the RIGHT kind of scary, because I knew I was listening to my GUT!

Off I went in Oct 2022. I let go of my place here in Canada, I stayed with my parents for a month before I left, I sold a lot of my furniture and things, and I just SENT IT. I was so proud of myself for embarking on this journey into the unknown and as soon as I landed knew it was exactly where I was meant to be.

Now, fast forward to almost 16 months later, and I am basically living in Tulum for most of the year. I met someone that I now live with (he is a really amazing person, and owns a boxing gym in tulum if you ever visit!) and I spend a few months there then travel back to BC for a month at a time. I couldn't have predicted this, and I don't know what's in store next, but all I do know is that right now Tulum has a special space in my heart, and I'm fortune enough to call it my second home right now!

I want to share ALL the juicy tid bits, my fave spots and recommendations and other things to know about Tulum, because especially after living there for several months, you get to learn things that the tourist type information just won't tell you!

I have created a very special guidebook for you, to discover all tulum has to offer, how to find the more local spots and hidden gems and hot to have the BEST TIME EVER there if you ever visit. Enjoy with the link below!

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