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Embark on your healing 🌿, food freedom 🍽️, and empowerment 👑 journey TODAY!


Are you stuck in repeating negative and toxic cycles concerning your food 🍽️, body 🧘, and mindset 🧠 due to certain narratives and stories? This stops TODAY! In the Fed Girl online course, we delve into the origins of these narratives, exploring when they began, and collectively work on rewriting our life scripts to reclaim our power 💪!

Acquire the skills to boost your confidence 🌟, regain your power, and put your needs first. The mindset transformation we work on will be the catalyst 🚀 for your metamorphosis and assist you in crafting a lifestyle where you THRIVE 🌿!


Not only will you uncover the secrets to food freedom 🍽️ and eliminate any stress 😰, guilt, or fear surrounding your favorite foods or food in general, but you’ll also master the art of nourishing your body 🧘, crafting balanced meals 🥗, prioritizing foods for healing your metabolism 🔥, hormones, and gut health 🌿, and falling in LOVE ❤️ with your nourishment routines…

You will gain access to a comprehensive nourishment program 📘, brimming with resources on eradicating food guilt, abandoning the all-or-nothing mindset 🚫, breaking free from the binge/restrict cycle ⛓️, and so much more!


Within the course, I guide you through 8 video modules 🎥, each week focusing on a new topic, progressively leading you towards an empowered lifestyle 💪, one step at a time. Dive into interactive activities 🎨 and resources 📘 that will streamline your journey! This is your roadmap 🗺️ to healing, self-discovery, and ultimate freedom!

Plus, gain exclusive access to our Fed Girl Community on our Whatsapp Women's Group Chat 💬 and other live circles or Live Q&As I host. Remember, you are not alone, and you are incredibly supported 🤝!



JOIN THE WAITLIST - Be the first to know when the online course launches, fill in your details here and gain access to all the exclusive resources AND the limited time discount for the course! 

Questions? Email me at or include your Qs in the form!

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🌟 Each week, join me for a video module which I will be teaching and presenting, 🎥 on exciting topics to kickstart your journey:

Week 1️⃣ Getting Started
Week 2️⃣ Nutrition & Metabolism 🍏
Week 3️⃣ Movement Strategies 🏃‍♀️
Week 4️⃣ Conquering Mindset & Finding Empowerment 💪
Week 5️⃣ Healing Body Image ❤️
Week 6️⃣ Building Self-Confidence 😇
...and more!

Dive into activities, resources, and tools 🛠️ every week to apply your learnings and start transforming from the inside out! 🌈


🌟 Get ready to feel your best and LOVE your nutrition and movement! You will receive a Nutrition PDF 📄 featuring:
- How to create balanced meals 🥗
- What foods to prioritize for metabolism & hormone health 🌿
- How to efficiently go grocery shopping 🛒
- How to structure your day with delicious meals & snacks 🍏
- How to eliminate food labels of 'good' or 'bad' 🚫

This is your blueprint 🗺️ to crafting meals and a nourishment routine you adore, supporting your wellbeing from within!

But that’s not all! You also get a Movement Program 🏋️‍♀️, featuring:
- Gym or at-home workout options 💪
- Strategies for rest and recovery days 🛏️
- How to incorporate movements you love ❤️
- Finding balance in your active life ⚖️

Gear up to find harmony and excitement in every bite and every step! 🌈


🌟 Stay connected and feel the power of unity with the fabulous women of the Fed Girl Community! 🌟 Join our live Women's Group Chat on WhatsApp 📱, where we share wins 🎉, delicious new recipes 🍲, and tackle struggles together 💪. You're never alone on this journey, and there are SO many amazing women facing similar challenges and triumphs! 🌈

Plus, don't miss out on our vibrant Live Circles every few weeks 🔄 and Live Q&As where I'll answer all your burning questions as they pop up in the chat! 🔥 Ready to embark on this exciting journey together? Let’s do it! 🚀

Resources, Tools & Activities

🌟 Embark on a transformative healing journey through not just learning, but actively doing, applying, and FEELING! 🌈 When you start to believe you deserve more, transformations begin 💫.

The modules offer ample opportunities for reflection, journaling 📓, participating in healing activities, and uncovering more about your true self! Plus, you’ll receive your very own workbook 📘! This tool is crafted to elevate your experience, allowing you to work through activities and methods at your own pace, deepening your understanding of self-limiting beliefs and narratives that no longer serve you. Explore the content, pair it with insightful videos 🎥, and learn the art of rewriting your life script ✍️.

Are you ready to take this exciting step towards healing and empowerment? Let’s embark on this journey together! 💪🌟

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