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When was the last time you felt truly empowered and nourished in your life?

At Hope Wellness, we believe in empowering women towards healing, self confidence and taking back your power. Our unique 1:1 coaching, group programs and supportive courses are grounded in nourishment practices that support metabolic health, food freedom, movement strategies aimed at facilitating enjoyment and progress in all areas, body image healing and mindset work - all designed to empower & support women like yourself.

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Ready to break free from old self sabotaging patterns, expand your life and unleash your most confident, nourished and strongest self? Explore this self paced, transformative 8-week digital course featuring 8+ video modules, personalized guidebooks & programs, bonus material, plus the support of our ever growing community of women.


The diets don't work, the extremes don't work, and solely obsessing about weight loss will never give you the life, the confidence or the happiness you desire... Dive into finding food freedom, nourishing your body, healing your body image, building true self-confidence, and achieving balance in life. This is YOUR year to thrive...


Discover food freedom, heal your body image, ditch the diet culture traps and ultimately regain your self confidence and power back in your life. Learn more about our main pillars and what to expect when beginning your journey with us. Work 1:1 with Marisa and begin THRIVING:


Welcome to Hope Wellness

THE 3 PILLARS OF HOPE WELLNESS INCLUDE NUTRITION, MOVEMENT & MINDSET. Helping women ditch the starvation diets, support their metabolism and hormone health, and get strong both mentally and physically - it's time to take your power back!



Say goodbye to fad diets and restrictions. If you're struggling with your nutrition, let's talk. I assist women in nourishing their bodies, restoring metabolism health, and enjoying all their favorite foods to achieve lasting food freedom AND overall health. Let's develop a personalized approach to empower you.



Embrace the power of intentional and empowering movement. Prioritize your goals and transform your well-being. We provide customized workouts for lifelong strength and health, along with other beneficial movement strategies. Make movement a joyful part of your lifestyle.

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Unlock the power of your mind and self-empowerment. Break free from negative thoughts and beliefs to rebuild self-confidence within your lifestyle. Harness your mind to work for your benefit. Conquer your mindset, find calm, and thrive in the long term.

Rachel T.

“I've learned so much from Marisa. I'm almost 40 and for the first time in my life I feel happy enough to wear a bikini. I'm done with thinking I'll be happier/worthier in a smaller body. I've gained my life and my confidence back. Working together has helped me realize I am not my body, it's simply my vessel. A huge game changer mindset shift. So  thank you!"

Kayleigh B.

"I really enjoyed the Fed Girl Program, it got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to feel empowered. I really enjoyed sharing thoughts and stories with the other ladies. I went in wanting to be at peace with food, which now I am! However, the thing that stands out most was learning how to protect my energy and do things that bring me joy more often. Forever grateful!"

Katelyn G.

"I loved working with Marisa because our time together allowed me to gain more food freedom and understand how to properly nourish my body. I loved the program because it allowed me to share struggled with other women going through similar things! The program has helped me reverse my negative mindset towards my body. I have less guilt around food and am stronger than ever!!!"

Explore Ways to Work With Me

1:1 Online Coaching

It's time, you are ready to dive deep into your healing journey, heal your relationship with food and your body, and empower yourself on all levels. This 1:1 coaching option is ideal for the woman looking for individualized and more hands on support. Weekly or biweekly coaching sessions accompanied by longer term support for deep transformation in 12 or 16 week package options. Let's build a life you love and thrive in together.

Fed Girl Online Course

For the woman ready to dive into her healing, empowerment & nourishment journey at her own pace. This self paced, 8 week digital course with pre recorded video modules, offers specific guidance around how to begin your nourishment, body image healing and self confidence building journey. Perfect for the woman looking for community and support in her transformation.

Fed Girl Group Program

A 12 week transformative program designed for the woman looking to end the restrict/binge cycle, ditch the yoyo dieting, no longer fear food, find peace with her body and build self confidence from the inside out. Join a supportive group of like minded women in our LIVE weekly meetings featuring foundational teachings, guest speakers, course content and personalized resources to streamline your empowerment journey.

About the founder of Hope Wellness:
Marisa Hope

Marisa is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach with extensive expertise in women's wellness and lifestyle coaching. Her commitment to continuous learning is demonstrated by certifications and course completions in the field of women's hormone health, as well as her dedication to conducting in-depth research in areas such as metabolism, body image healing, and mindset development.

Leveraging her own experiences and insights gained from these challenges she herself has faced as an ex bodybuidler and someone who has personally struggled with binge eating, body dysmorphia and negative self talk, Marisa dedicated herself in her work towards guiding and empowering women on all levels. She utilizes this wealth of knowledge from 6+ years of working in the industry, and helping thousands of women thus far, to create transformative courses and coaching platforms, designed to support women on their unique journeys towards personal growth and well-being.

She loves being outside in nature, reading her favorite books in funky coffee shops while sipping on a london fog, and connecting with like minded people. She's a sushi lover, a total beach enthusiast and could watch the sunset forever. She is currently based in Victoria BC. You can connect with her @marisahopeee


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