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What to expect

When you join Hope Wellness, you will be introduced to a supportive, empowering and exciting community of like minded women who are also on a similar path towards nourishment. You will receive one on one, exclusive support and guidance from myself and I will ensure your programs are tailored to you and your personal needs.

Nutritional Support

I don't believe in meal plans or cookie cutter programs. You will be learning first hand how to create balanced meals with confidence and gain knowledge around what foods work best for you while also focusing on metabolism and hormone health

Mindset Building

What you put into your body matters, yes, but what you say to yourself matters just as much. Adopting a positive, encouraging and kind mindset towards yourself and your goals is key to creating an empowering lifestyle for yourself. We will dive into things you struggle with together and ensure you are overcoming mental hurdles in proactive and progressive ways

Metabolism Focus

Eating for your metabolism means learning about what foods we should be prioritizing to support our cell function and ensuring we are receiving adequate nutrients, minerals and balanced macronutrients for optimal health. You will learn simple tools to ensure you are rebuilding a strong metabolism and creating an energetic life for yourself

Custom Training

Your workouts and training routines should be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. I create custom workouts for you to focus on your personal goals. We will get good at the basics of weight training and ensure you're incorporating other activities you enjoy and thrive in

Body Image Healing

Diet culture is all around us, and the way we speak to and about ourselves all plays into our self esteem, our confidence and our overall journey. I help all my clients discover how to combat negative self talk and poor body image with empowering tools that help you realize you are more than your body and how to appreciate it for all lit does for you

Full Circle Approach

It's not just about what you eat and how much you move. We will also ensure we focus on your quality of sleep, your ability to manage stress, your self talk, prioritizing fresh air, and looking at other factors in your daily life that could be contributing to hurdles you may be facing. 


Branch in a Glass Jar

Janelle C

"Working with Marisa is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my journey towards loving my body. She made it clear from the start that this was not going to be just another diet, we were going to work towards life-long changes, and she did not disappoint! I didn’t think it would be possible to eat more and still be in the best shape of my life. She is so knowledgeable and actually takes the time to explain in great detail why what she’s teaching works.


I’m no longer afraid of carbs or sweets, I have dessert after dinner, and when my body is telling me to rest and skip the gym, I don’t feel bad about. My body weight has fluctuated during the past 8 months working together, but my mindset towards my body has become more positive and forgiving. I’m confident, I feel sexy even when I have period bloat, and I’m not scared of food. Even my cravings have changed! Instead of craving fast foods and sweets, I crave her specialty sweet potato nachos and dark chocolate with pineapple for dessert. My entire mindset has shifted and for that, I am so grateful."

Branch in a Glass Jar

Reanne K

"Before I started working with Marisa I definitely thought the way to being slim or keeping the weight off was having as little amount of carbs (rice, bread, popcorn, all the best things) as possible. So all day I would cut back and cut back and then in the evening of course,  those things were all I wanted! And I would beat myself up for “not being able to control myself” constantly fighting my body’s natural cravings which was so exhausting.


Since working with Mar and opening up to her I've slowly come to the realization that carbs are not the enemy and actually do us so much good. I am finding my food freedom. I feel so much more energized throughout the day and able to focus on the task at hand because I’m not constantly hungry or craving my next meal.  I’m no where near perfect but my relationship with food and how I view it has increased immensely and I no longer feel at war with my body.”

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